Ready to enjoy a locally-crafted event that includes intuitive bourbon education or an exclusive event at one of your favorite distilleries?

Let Beyond the Barrel help plan and execute your event smoothly, so you can truly enjoy the Bluegrass experience with friends, families, and loved ones!

Here you are treated to a rich culture surrounding bourbon, wine, and beer. We provide numerous ways across the Commonwealth to experience, learn, and enjoy each with family, friends, and loved ones.

So for your next event, where do you start? And how can we help?

Whether you appreciate the history, the science, or good times sipping your favorite cocktail, there is something bourbon-related for everyone over the age of 21 to enjoy responsibly.


Check out several event ideas listed below, and let us know how we can assist your next event.

VIP Events and Tastings

These go great with bachelor/bachelorette celebrations, wedding receptions, and any special occasion.

Bourbon Education Classes

Learn more about bourbon. Our available classes are tailored for beginner and advanced levels of education.

VIP Dinners and Pairings

Whether you are enjoying bourbon, wine, or beer, we cater to any size party by providing unique pairings with each dinner course.

Private Tours at Local Establishments

Partake in specialty, exclusive tours at your favorite distillery, brewery, or winery around Kentucky.

Charity Event Planning Services

If there is a charity or cause you are wanting to support, we are ecstatic to help plan and execute an event. Let's do good together.

ABC Star Certified Alcohol Handling

Identify fake IDs, promote responsible consumption, and uphold the STAR requirements of The Kentucky Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control via certification.

...and Much More

Beyond the Barrel is committed to going above and beyond when it comes to bourbon, wine, and beer. We provide 100% custom events that match your style and ABC needs. Whether you are celebrating a special event or training your restaurant staff, our services have you covered! Contact us today and see how we can craft your next experience!

Willett Friend


"I would recommend Beyond The Barrel for anyone who is interested in learning more about America’s Native Spirit. If you are a casual observer or a diehard fan John has a way of making Bourbon interesting and exciting to all. I have learned more about an area I was passionate about and the training and certification I received from the Stave and Thief Society has led me to a new career. If you are looking for someone who can speak to all interested parties and is energized about the subject of Bourbon I would defiantly recommend Beyond The Barrel."

- James Woolverton